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Born in Venice, grown up in Venice and probably will die in Venice, I just love it! There are some problems just like in every relationship, but we are trying to preserve whats beautiful about it with the guys of Feelin' Venice.

Currently studying graphic design at the academy of fine arts after attending the Venice high school of art, looking forward to make it my job here in my city....

Alberto franco

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To me, Venice is an endless source of inspiration. Its canals, its small streets, its sounds and its silences drove me to create my art, minimalist and linear. Its a city which is always the same, but always different, where I live everyday in its solid fragility.


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Venice is my city, I study it and I know it every day a bit more, as it keeps awake my curiosity, like a "merletto" does with the weaving of its threads. Venice is my city and I like to redraw it: I express it as a living city through is traditions, adn through the people which keep them contemporary.

Elena segato

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I was born and raised here in Venice and I cannot imagine living in another city.

I hold an Art & Economics degree (EGArt) from Ca' Foscari university. I love art and creativity, but more than anything else, I love Venice! So from the beginning I embraced the Feelin' Venice philosophy.

Filippo soffrizzi

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When you grow up in Venice, you can't imagine to live anywhere else. I have been living in London, Lisbon and Madrid, but this is my place in the world. In a nutshell, this is the Feelin' Venice project: my town seen through the lenses of young artists which are passionate at least as I am.


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I'm a student of Graphic Design at the IUAV University in Venice. Since high school Venice has given to me the opportunity to study and have fun, to cultivate my passion as well and becoming the protagonist of my illustrations. I hope to represent, with Feelin' Venice's team, our city in an original and uneffected way.